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9/7/2018 South County Times Article:
"Residents Offer Their Own Plans For Former Mall - With mixed-use development stalled, new ideas are emerging for Crestwood Plaza property"

What is this Site All About?

To be blunt, this:
Those mounds, nicknamed "Mount Crestwood", have been loitering for over a year at the site of where Crestwood Plaza/Crestwood Court once stood. Because of the duration of their visit, the citizens and businesses of Crestwood have been very understandably upset with the developer (UrbanStreet Group) and the City of Crestwood.

Due to contractual obligations, the City of Crestwood's hands are pretty much tied for now. Citizens have come up with ideas and suggestions at community meetings, and you will see some of those here, but the developer will not grant an audience to anyone. So what is to be done? Will the lot continue to sit as is with weeds slowly taking over the mounds?

Well, something can be done, and that is to help unite the community to get their ideas heard!

This site, and its Facebook Discussion Group will keep up on news articles, Crestwood Board of Alderman meetings, statements by the developer (if any) and more...but it will also give YOU a voice.

This is a grass-roots effort led by a local 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society, operating independently of both Crestwood officials, and the developer.

In March 2018, members of the St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society presented to the Board of Alderman a vision for the mall site, one which included a very unique idea of a multi-purpose venue for local and out-of-town concerts, surrounded by museums of local interest, a music academy designed by musician and entrepreneur (and local legend to the KSHE crowd) J.D. Blackfoot, and an arts studio for a local veterans organization.

This will not just be a place to shop and eat like any other retail center...this will be a DESTINATION where one can go and hang out much like the old Crestwood Plaza — and not just during the typical hours of a standard retail development. Something will be going on here all the time!

The plan is designed to not only be self-sufficient, but to also draw other businesses to the mall site. This would draw restaurants in particular since who wouldn't want to be next to a venue that was busy all day, every day. The full presentation to the City of Crestwood, submitted by e-mail to then-Mayor Roby and the Board of Alderman (which can be downloaded here) was passed on to the developer in March, 2018. UrbanStreet, after numerous attempts to have a discussion, has so far refused to meet.

The greatest amount of frustration amongst the people of Crestwood is the silence received from UrbanStreet. As stated in the SLCRPS proposal:

"Even if not one shovel of dirt is moved for several more months, allowing free expression of ideas from the community shows a willingness to hear more about what they want and give them (us) hope of a future development we will truly take to heart."

We will continue to try and reach out to UrbanStreet with what we think is a win-win-win idea. It's a win for them as it plants in the middle of their empty lot a magnet for other businesses. It's a win for the small businesses in Crestwood, Sunset Hills, Shrewsbury, Kirkwood, and more who would see increased traffic and revenue. And it's a win for the community of Crestwood as a whole to have such a unique attraction that is also an EXPERIENCE that acknowledges and honors Crestwood's past contributions to the history and pop culture of the St. Louis metropolitan area, while providing continued success in its future.

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