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9/7/2018 South County Times Article:
"Residents Offer Their Own Plans For Former Mall - With mixed-use development stalled, new ideas are emerging for Crestwood Plaza property"

St. Louis Classic Rock Venue & Museum Plan

Route 66 Themed Plan - by Dennis and Patti Augustyniak

   posted Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 - 2:00 pm


In March 2018, members of the St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society created a packet of their vision for the Crestwood mall site which was submitted to then-Mayor Roby as well as all members of the Board of Aldermen via e-mail. It received favorable responses from all of those who received it and Mayor Roby said he would be forwarding it on to UrbanStreet for their consideration. You can download the full presentation packet here:

 Download the March 12, 2018 packet e-mailed to Crestwood (CrestwoodMallSpace-SLCR-180312.pdf)

The key idea here is to create a DESTINATION where people not only come to the site, but hang out and go to other places around the venue. When you go to a typical retail center what do you tend to do? Go to one store and then continue your errands someplace else right? The venue would attract people to come well before and stay well after a concert, movie showing, or art exhibition — and in that extra time on site, they will be visiting restaurants and retail within or near the venue.

Think about other similarly sized venues (examples: the Wildey Theatre in Edwardsville, IL and the Pageant in the Delmar Loop). Not only do their municipalities benefit from sales tax on tickets sold, but the restaurants, bars, and hotels near the venue also benefit.

We encourage you to read and share the pdf, but here is a quick summary of what would be included as part of the venue & museum site:
  • A 400-600 seat concert hall (think in between the aforementioned Wildey Theatre and Pageant)
  • Museum space for, but not limited to the following:
    • St. Louis Classic Rock and Pop Culture Hall of Fame / Museum
    • Route 66 Museum
    • St. Louis High School Museum
    • International Steel Guitar Hall of Fame (currently sitting in storage in Overland, MO)
  • J.D. Blackfoot's music academy, where his goals are to teach young musicians the other aspects of performance such as studio work, costuming, stage presence, equipment rigging and lighting and more
  • An arts center for military veterans to create, display and sell their work
  • And this is just a wish-list item right now...but we really want a Naugles!

With all those features, there will be something happening there all the time! And even if there isn't a local or out-of-town artist playing a gig there are plenty of other things that can happen:
  • Screenings of old movies, including off the back wall, in the park land designated to the venue's north
  • Rental of the venue for proms, weddings, trivia nights and banquets
  • Corporate events in the museum and art space
  • Food truck events in front
  • Usage by the City of Crestwood for special community events
Again we encourage you to download the full pdf and read for yourself all the possibilities such a venue envisions, not just for itself, but for the vacant mall site as a whole!

 Download the March 12, 2018 packet e-mailed to Crestwood (CrestwoodMallSpace-SLCR-180312.pdf)

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