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9/7/2018 South County Times Article:
"Residents Offer Their Own Plans For Former Mall - With mixed-use development stalled, new ideas are emerging for Crestwood Plaza property"

Site F.A.Q. / About SLCRPS

1. In just a sentence or two, why is this website here?

The site was initially envisioned by two Crestwood residents, as a way to get all the news, information and status updates about the STILL vacant Crestwood mall site.

Besides the original goal of keeping the community informed, we also want to find out what other ideas Crestwood citizens, small businesses and other members of the community have to improve the site.

2. What can we find here?

Here is a basic list, although it's not limited to this:
  • Local news articles
  • Statements and updates from the developer and the City of Crestwood
  • Ideas from YOU the people of the community on how to proceed with the site

3. Why can't we comment here, and must do so on Facebook?

To keep it simple really, for all of us...limiting fake accounts, profanity, and all that other stuff that distracts from proper discourse.

We're all friends here trying to get something good done, so let's work together!

4. How can we submit any news, or our idea?

Click right here, or, over there on the right where it says SUBMIT NEWS or YOUR OWN IDEA. If you have images or a pdf, please let us know and we will contact you.

5. Are you associated with the City of Crestwood government in any way?

We are not, we are just citizens of Crestwood. We do go to many of the Board of Alderman meetings however as spectators, but we are not privy to all discussions and knowledge about this situation.

5a. Why isn't the City of Crestwood doing more to get the ball rolling here?

The City is limited as to what they can do with the property and the developer. They can cite for code violations, etc, but at this point not much else. If the developer falls behind schedule, the City does have some remedies, but they are not pleasant and could result in further delays, or even cessation of the project by the developer.

6. Are you associated with the developer (UrbanStreet Group)?

6a. What was the developer's reaction to any of the plans submitted by citizens?

We honestly don't know. They have not responded after multiple attempts.

7. So who are you associated with? / What is the St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society?

The St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It's purpose is to preserve, promote, and honor St. Louis' unique classic rock heritage and its place in music and pop culture history. To this end, we have been looking for a place to create a museum to archive and continue preserving music and memorabilia. When there was no progress at the mall site, the impetus to create a museum, and then a venue was started.

7a. Who is on the SLCRPS team? Any architects?

No, not yet at least, but the word is spreading fast throughout our listeners and members: musicians, historians, those with expertise in concert promotion and logistics, and most importantly, everyday citizens who want to improve their community.

7b. Who is J.D. Blackfoot? Why is he interested?

J.D. Blackfoot is a musician and entrepreneur who is very well known amongst KSHE 95 fans. His songs "The Ultimate Prophecy" and "The Song of Crazy Horse" are KSHE Klassics and still played often on the station, more than 45 years after their release. He is also a member of the St. Louis Classic Rock Hall of Fame. Like many KSHE Klassic artists who had great success here compared to other places, he feels an incredible bond to St. Louis, and to Crestwood. He wants to give back to the people of St. Louis and build here a music academy that assists musicians in areas beyond just their singing, songwriting and playing skills: costuming, stage presence, studio exposure, lighting/rigging and more would be part of the curriculum to help talented young individuals become "the full package" when they perform.

7c. Why Crestwood specifically for your venue/idea?

In short, it just makes sense.

For many years Crestwood was the hub of St. Louis pop culture. Route 66 passed by the first major mall in the area. The Park 66 Drive-In was a key attraction. KSHE 95 revolutionized radio around the world, bringing many up-and-coming artists to Crestwood BEFORE they ever appeared on stage for the first time in St. Louis. And all of this history happened either where Crestwood Plaza was, or right across the street. Crestwood doesn't need another generic retail place, it needs and DESERVES an ATTRACTION to shine a light on it's history, and to bring people here to celebrate it.

8. What are your next steps?

Well now that this website is up and running, it's to gather more information and spread the word. This includes a mailing we are preparing to the restaurants and hotels of the Crestwood area discussing what opportunities they will have should a concert venue be established here.

9. What if the developer decides not to go with any ideas here?

J.D. Blackfoot is intent on going ahead with his Academy somewhere in the St. Louis area, no matter what. There are other areas within Crestwood that his vision would work — as well as the other ideas mentioned on this website — and work great. There are also nearby areas as well.

10. What if the developer decides not to do anything?

That's the million dollar question right now. Well, more than just one million. The city has remedies but it could draw things out further. We hope that an additional function of this website is to nudge the developer along.

11. What can I do to help?

12. How do we contact YOU?

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